UNOMedia 5

New generation multi-media centre called UM 77,which combines the essential features & functions required by hotels such as Bluetooth, NFC, charging station, radio, alarm clock and hotel phone in ONE. UM 77 adopts high-grade aluminum alloy faceplate with elegant acrylic panel to keep consistency with hotels' concept & style. Premium loudspeaker with impressive subwoofer performance is definitely comparable with other mainstream speakers. Up to 7 charging ports(4
USB smart charging ports & 1 MFC cable ) can perfectly satisfy the charging demands for Device, Android and other portable devices. UM 77 brings major changes to hotels.

Main features:

• Clear and Striking LCD display and the brightness can be adjusted
• Supporting Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, paired connection without password
• Four USB Charging Ports for portable type mobile devices, such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, etc
• Audio input cable
• Multi-Function Cable, supporting portable type mobile device, such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, etc
• Back-up battery - Time and Alarm can also well work without external power
• 9 speed dial memory keys
• Program memory keys with R.P master cloner and handheld cloner
• Push-draw style individuation faceplate easy printing the hotel logo and user guide
• Message waiting light compatible with main PBX, MWL indicator and withdraw feature
• Hearing aid compatible handset
• Speaker and handset volume in 3 level control
• Ringer volume to high or low control, two line control intelligently
• Busy tone disconnect automatically
• Redials the last number dialed and dialed number disappear within 5 minutes
• Hold current call in waiting mode
• LINE1, LINE2 and Conference
• Easy ports to connect iPod, MP3 audio device, premium stereo acoustics
• Adjust clock time with special wireless timing clover


  • Dimension: 208x182x84(mm)
  • Handset cord: 3.66m.
  • Line cord: 2.0mm
  • Weight:     1300g
  • Color: Black
  • Working Voltage: 24V-60V
  • Power Adaptor : 7.5V 3A
  • Loudspeaker : (D 40 3W 4 Q inner magnetic, full frequency
  • Charging Current: the maximum for single device is 5V 1.6A, the maximum for two devices is 5V 3.2A
  • Rated Power: 20W
  • Standby Power: 0.35W
  • Radio Standard: FM
  • Quality Regulation System: IS09001
  • Certification: CCC
Package (set/carton): 8Set/Carton
Carton Size: 460 x380x315(mm)


During the past 8 years or so, I have been selling minibars. And I have created a certain level of passion for them. Who would have thought that one could have a passion for minibars. It is not so much the technical part what excites me. It is the operational headaches automatic minibars can solve for hotels. Yes, there you have it, I should ...


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