UltiMax Service Unit

The wireless UltiMax interacts with safes via infra-red communication. The PDA-like handheld UltiMax allows hotel staff to quickly and securely address service issues, such as forgotten access codes. 

Advanced Safe Service Unit

Launched in conjunction with the Safeplace electronic in-room safe line: Extreme, Solid and Tiara II, is the most advanced safe service unit on the market, the UltiMax.

The PDA-like handheld UltiMax allows hotel staff to quickly and securely address service issues, such as forgotten access codes.

The wireless UltiMax interacts with safes via infra-red communication. UltiMax runs on rechargeable lithium ion batteries, making it immune to power failure so it can quickly open guest safes even in an emergency.

Its tamper-proof, override-resistant, 500-record audit trail adds another level of security, both for guest valuables and hotel liability.

Multi-functional Uses:

  • Power backup
  • Override
  • Initializing
  • Administration:
    • Users and security level
    • Audit trail reports

UltiMax Features:

  • Compatible with Safeplace electronic in-room safe line : Extreme, Solid and Tiara II.
  • Easy safe initializing and set up.
  • Easy to use touch screen and software operated by Windows CE platform.
  • 2 GB CD memory card  for instant database & audit backup.
  • IR (Infra-Red) communication for instant safe control.  Each action is displayed on the UltiMax screen: safe override, power backup, safe installation, room number assigned to each safe, "non common codes" definition, follow-up of recent activities, change safe configuration and more.
  • Each service unit is programmed for a specific property and safe. No universal tool which can be used in other hotels.
  • Double security safe override control option: Two user override method for enhanced security.
  • Three user levels enable specific actions for each user according to chosen security level.
  • Unlimited number of users: Up to 200 active users. The UltiMax requires unique user access ID's for each user, thereby increasing both hotel and guest security.
  • Audit Trail: Reports important information, up to 500 latest events stored with time and date (in addition to the safe audit). If and when a guest claim appears, it enables you to indentify users and actions made in the safe at each moment, increasing hotel and guest security.
  • Audit Download:  Events can be viewed by the UltiMax download and stored on file.
  • Audit print:  Prints the audit events immediately from the safe using the IR UltiMax printer, providing the guest and hotel with real-time answers.
  • External power backup immune to power failure.
  • Low cost maintenance and energy saving using rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Unique Security Features

  • Flash memory: All codes and vital information are safely stored on a Flash Memory, and cannot be lost if batteries are low or have been replaced.
  • Easy safe programming: DIY without the need of third party. Only you know the internal password and the features you selected.  This provides a higher security level for the hotel, cruise ship, university, etc.
  • Download updated firmware to safes.
  • Sleep mode after five incorrect codes.


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