Fingerprint Door Lock

Fingerprint lock Z9-AB Brass color
Material - Zinc Alloy
Model - Z9-AB
Colour - Brass, PVD Gold, Sliver


Fingerprint Door Lock Technology Data
NO Item Data Description
1 Electronic part data Working voltage  DC4.0V~6.5V 4x1.5V AA alkaline battery (5#)
Extra power  9V dry accumulator,outside of lock 
Low battery notice  ≤DC4.5V±0.2V will alarm for low voltage, still can lock 100 times
Static consumption  ≤35μA
Sync consumption  ≤120mA
Peak current  ≤250mA
Compare way  1:N
FRR  ≤1.2S(included fingerprint collect,compare,single output)
False Accept Rate ≤0.1%
False Reject Rate  <0.0001%
Password length 6-8 numbers
Save time  10 years
Electromagnetic Interference 500MHz~1000MHz (field intensity:10V/m,  MOD Freq: 1KHz, MOD degree: 80%)
Storage capacity master ID: 0001~0006
user's ID: 0006~0140
Visitor ID: 0141~0150
Working temperature  -18℃~55℃
Storge temperature  -25℃~75℃
Working humidity  20%~95%
Antistatic ability  ≤│±15KV│
2 Sensor data Collector size  22x18mm
Resolution  500dpi
Collect angle ±60°
Fingerprint sensor Blu-ray optical head
3 Addtinal function Record open door history Recently 25000 open door histories
Data download Open door records, user's information
4 Lock data Pried alarm Will alarm when door be unlocked by pry
Password protection Input 3 times wrong password the lock system will not agree to input 
Reset function Lock system not work just reset it
Keep unlock status For public place use
Lock size 195x100x27 mm


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