TropiCool TC-21FL


High-tech coolers with DC/AC
special electronics

Thermoelectric Cooler with TC special electronics with soft-touch operating panel
Approx. 21 litres

Mobility, performance and convenience -  these are the hallmarks of the WAECO TropiCool series. State -of-the-art thermocelectrics make for out-standing cooling results up to 30°C below the ambient temperature. Add to this all the useful features and function: 12/24/230 volts DC/AC as standard. Indiviual temperature with LED display and memory function, to name but a few. At the name touch of a button the coolers (+1°C to +15°C) can be turned into warmer boxes (+50°C to +65°C). WAECO Tropicool - the comfort class of thermoelectric refrigeration.

The Intelligent power-save circuit

Tropicool coolers are the great energy savers. As soon as the power is on, they cool at full capacity to reach the desired temperatured. Once this has been achieved, they switch automatically to the power saver mode. In this mode, the Peltier element drwars very little power. This gives rise to an insulation bridge that prevents heats from following into the cooling compartment. Example: a conventional cooler operated in the 12 Volt mode consumes between 4 and 4.5 Ah per hour to achieve an interior temperature of +5°C at an ambeint temperature of +25°C, the WAECO TropiCool TC-21FL makes do with just 2.1 Ah per hour.

Key benefits

  • Solid polyurethane foam insulation
  • TC electronics, 7-stage electronic thermostat with robust soft-touch keypad
  • Internal fan is switched off with micro switch when the unit is opened
  • Plug straight into main power or cigarette lighter
  • Warranty: 1 yea

Technical Data

Product type Thermoelectric
Capacity (l) 21 Litre
Cooling below amb. temp max (°C) 30°C
Height (mm) 420
Width (mm) 303
Depth (mm) 450
Weight (kg) 7
Power consumption 12V DC (W) 46
Thermostat type Electronic
Voltage DC (V) 12
Voltage AC (V) 220
Defrosting type Manual


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