Inductive Key Card Door Locks

Electronic Hotel Lock System are new and improved way of being able to access a room or home without having to use a bulky key, this kind of lock is opened with a PVC Smart Card or RFID Access Card, simple and light just like a credit card. Electronic Lock which designed especially for hotel & resorts brings new using experience to guests and hotel owners. Guests now could just hold a card when they are out of room which makes it easier than carry a key. No Matter how many rooms he needs enter, all will be just a card.

Power: DC6V, 4 pcs AA 5# alkaline battery, can use for 8-12 month at normal situation.
Static consumption: =10uA and Trends consumption: =200 mA.
Card type: EM card/TEMIC T5557 card/Philips Mifare 1 card. (EM card use for home and office such place without need software.T5557 card use for hotel etc which need software. Mifare 1 card with software and consume function.)
Humidity: 15%95%RH. Inside deadbolt q Low battery voltage warning. The voltage of PCB less than 4.8, red light flash and sound continuous to alarm need change new battery; the locks can open about 100 times in low voltage status.
 Locking and unlocking record printable (with data collector machine).
Opening time: Turn on the handle to open door, after the door open, the lock will lock automatically. And if read the card but not open the door, the lock will locked again after 7 seconds automatically.Turn on the handle to open door, after the door open, the lock will lock automatically. And if read the card but not open the door, the lock will locked again after 7 seconds automatically.
Emergency open door: Can open door in urgent status without limited, even the generous tongue indoor lock. qRequirement of door thickness: more than 38mm, if the door is laciness, which should be 110mm distance from the door side.
Right open door and left open door  Material: Face panel: Stainless steel. Lock body outside: stainless steel, lock tongue and inside all metal material.

To hotel owners, you could track the lock events of each room easily because all records will be saved in lock including the data, card No, and the card type. Also in management of rooms, the new lock offers strict but free way- The all rooms could be defined in different area ID, and the same floor rooms could be open for one card named floor card. The all rooms in one building could be opened for a building card etc. Master card is given the highest authority for all rooms. Generally hotel lock is a professional product not only for guests but also for the owners of hotels.

Hotel Lock product collects many ideas of guests. Our target is always offering the best using experience. The advance function “Common Door” Offers a solution of managing the VIP guest and normal guest effectually. When a guest opens a VIP service and related room, the info will be saved in his card and the lock will identify the info and gives access rights for him. But for the normal guests it will reject their cards. All of such a system is organized by software named Hotel Lock Management System. This is a software gives easy way to manage all hotel locks in one hotel and the card holders (guest and staff).

There are so many advantages of the electronic hotel lock, and most hotel owners are aware of Electronic Locks, however do you really know which product is suitable for every day needs ? HOTEL LOCK SYSTEM Networked


During the past 8 years or so, I have been selling minibars. And I have created a certain level of passion for them. Who would have thought that one could have a passion for minibars. It is not so much the technical part what excites me. It is the operational headaches automatic minibars can solve for hotels. Yes, there you have it, I should ...


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