Floor Care Products


GMAKY Royal Powder

 Marble Powder Crystalizer
Dilute GMAKY Royal Powder with water at percentage of 1:10 Apply on marble floor with red pas and buffing machine until solution dry, and you will get the excellent shining result you want.

Royal Reingen

Royal Reingen is a product for marble polish. Royal Reingen transform 5 micron from the marble layer to shiny layer. Royal Reingen is not a wax, It's a crystallize when a traffic area lose its shine. You can only re-crystallize this area and no need to crystallize all the marble surfaces. One (1) liter of Royal Reingen spread 30m2 for the first time polish.

GMAKY Buffing Liquid

Liquid Marble Maintainer
It keeps the Marble Shining for long time. Spray directly on the marble. Use white pad, keep buffing until it get dry.


Marble Wax Stripper
Used for removing any wax layer and for cleaning the marble properly before applying the new wax layer.