Manual Soap Dispenser (10)


Liquid Manual Soap Dispenser

This Is A Soap Dispenser From The House Of Dolphy. It Helps To Wash Your Hands Easily And Keeps It Germ Free. It Is A Great Addition To Your Bathroom. It Also Makes Your Bathroom Look Very Stylish.
Attractive Design Material
Color & Mounting
Product Name : Manual liquid Soap Dispenser - 400 ml
Type : Manual
Material : ABS
Capacity : 400 ML
Color : Silver
Variety of Detergents : Liquid Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Lotion
Operation : Manual
Shape : Cylinder
Drop Volume : 1-1.5 ML per one Time
The transparent reservoir knob allows you to see when a refill is needed
Dimension : 23 cm X 7.5 cm X 8 cm
Specially Design this product base on Hotel, Sweet Home, Mall, Hospital, Corporate Offices and Many More Place, We are makeing beautiful design and creation for our client's Material : ABS
Color : Silver
Mounting : Wall Mount
Super easy wall mounted installation and operation.
Dimension: 23 cm X 7.5 cm X 8 cm


During the past 8 years or so, I have been selling minibars. And I have created a certain level of passion for them. Who would have thought that one could have a passion for minibars. It is not so much the technical part what excites me. It is the operational headaches automatic minibars can solve for hotels. Yes, there you have it, I should ...


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