Split Hotel Door Lock

New Design Split Hotel Door Lock Electronic Lock Card Key Door Lock

New design split hotel door lock electronic lock card key door lock
Intelligent Door Lock Features

Material : Zinc Alloy
Card Chip: Temic/ID/Miare 1
Card Key Hotel Operation and Guest Check In
Mechnical Key for Emergency Use
Unlock Notice
Unlock Record
Safe Handle
Lock Failture Notice
Interface Support
User Management
Dual Security

Powerful Intelligent Door Lock Manage System

Easy Operation
The Friendly infterface helps to understand all of our system functions easily, and can have a nice experience of control the system

SDK For Further Function Development
SDK is available to develop extra functions in the software according to different request. Online technical support is always ready to serve.

Technical Data

1、Contact area:3CM;
2、Static consumption:<30 uA;
3、Sync consumption:<150mA;
4、Working current:5-40mA;
5、Standby current:<25Ua;
6、Envirement temperature:-10℃-60℃;
7、Card type: apartment use ID, hotel Temic , Mifare 1 ;
8、Working voltage: DC6V,4 pcs 5# AA alkaline battery, the battery can last for 15000 times;
9、Low valtage alarm: when the voltage is lower than 4.8V, card lock will have  sound and light prompt, it can open the door 100 times when low battery;
10、Open door records: can save recently 420 open door records.


1、The American Standard five latch mortise lock with different management, anti-theft, anti dialing, durable, safe and reliable, and has an anti damage alarm function;Lock surface is the most advanced steel casting structure, there is no artificial
2、rivets and plastic parts, the special process to ensure the door is more durable and never loose;
3、Control: using electromagnetic wave technology,computer motherboard anti-jamming design and super error correction performance design, to ensure the stability of the circuit, even if continuous quickly reading card (including reading wrong card or name card etc.) it's still stable and reliable performance, cut off power will not makes the lock inside information lost;
4、Emergency open: in case fault and emergency state, can use emergency key or emergency card without any control, even if the square tongue mortise lock working;
6、Door thickness requirement: the door thickness be 35 ~ 55mm (when door is more than 55 mm need inform), the best thickness is 45mm, if have protuberance on door frame, need more than 90mm .
7、Lock inside with time clock can effective control room card time to prevent guests malicious arrears;

The system management software can be connected with the hotel management system,and achieve to one card system.

Hotel Lock System Details                                           
Software: we offer CD of software for free
Card encoder : one hotel need one pcs on frontdesk for issue all kind of cards
Cards : One Lock need at least one pcs card, for opend door
Lock : Install on door for lock and unlock hotel room door
Card Switch: install on room inside wall,for gain power, which is optional  
Room Electronic Controller System:  usually is hotel door bell which have LED light showing
room number, live status, with don't disturb and make up room function, which is optional
Data collector: For collect the recently 420 open door records, the records can be print out ( Temic card need data collector)

Identfy Door Handle


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