Wall Mounted Jumbo Roll Paper Dispenser (09)


JRT Toilet Roll Paper Dispenser

AV&T Dolphy toilet paper dispensers are standard designed to fit all sizes of toilet paper roll. The units are designed to withstand light to heavy paper quality with ease. Our toilet paper dispensers are convenient to use, hygienic, efficient and durable.
Toilet paper & Roll dispensers are used in residential and commercial bathroom for dispensing the paper.
Now The AV&T Dolphy Presenting Attractive, user friendly toilet tissue dispenser is a great choice for public restrooms. Ensures patrons have paper when they need it. Easy access to paper and multi-directional tearing .Two inner cores ,can hold different inner core size of jumbo roll tissue . Lock design to keep the paper clean and safe . Advanced imported impact resistance ABS raw material ,sturdy and durab.
Toilet Square Holder Material
Color & Mounting
Product Name : Wall Mounted Anti Dust Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser
Material : ABS Plastic
Color : White With Mirror Chrome finish
Tissue Paper Type : Jumbo Toilet Paper Roll(JRT, Maximum 9 Inch Diameter)
Operation : Manual Fuction
Shape : Round
Mount type : Wall Mount
Application: Hotel, Bathroom, Hospital, Restaurant
Easy to install paper
With a Key Lock System
Clear Observation Window Available For Watching The Rest Towel Inside For Prompt Replacement
Three Side Of Cutter For Easy Getting The Toilet Paper
Dimention : 26 cm X 12 cm X 27.5 cm
1. Healthy and Eco-friendly. No lead, Water Proof, Anti Dust, alkali-resisting, anticorrosion.
2. Attractive and durable.
3. Heavy duty
4. Easy to install
5. Lockable design keeps toilet papers clean, dry and germs free
6. Newest upmarket item, super capacity, saving time to change the paper
7. The roll is large enough which can reduce frequency of replacement
8. Space saving with a back board, easy for installation with small screw on the wall
9. Ideal For High traffic Toilet of hotels, resorts, clubs, stadiums, business establishments, offices and other public areas.
Material : High Quality ABS Material
Color : White
Super easy wall mounted installation and operation.
Dimension : 26 cm X 12 cm X 27.5 cm


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