Wall Mounted Back Support Toilet Seat



Peoduct Code : EHGB007

Wall Mounted Back Support Toilet Seat, Shower Chair White

Shower chairs are used for those who have difficulty standing in the shower, such as the elderly, disabled individuals or those recovering from an injury. All of our Dolphy’s shower chairs are made from sturdy, water-resistant materials and are equipped with non-slip feet.


Attractive and durable

Color & Mounting


Impact Low

    • Ergonomically shaped seat
    • Easy to fold up and down (locks
in the up position)
 • Durable Construction: Comprised
of high-quality 20 gauge type 304 stainless steel, this shower chair guarantees reliability and durability.
In addition, this material is easy to maintain
    • 150 kg Capacity


Strong And Durable
Easy to install strength.

Material : Compounding of ABS
and stainless steel
Color of ABS: - white
Super easy wall mounted
installation and operation

Dimension (L X B X H) :
 315 cms x 445 cms x 35 cms


Dolphy wall mounted Handicap Grab Bar



During the past 8 years or so, I have been selling minibars. And I have created a certain level of passion for them. Who would have thought that one could have a passion for minibars. It is not so much the technical part what excites me. It is the operational headaches automatic minibars can solve for hotels. Yes, there you have it, I should ...


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