UNO Charger



We do charging better !


No Cables, No outlets, Charges 5 Devices at once!

With UNOCharger, hotels are confidently saying 'Bring It' to guests. Bittel UNOCharger assisting guests with charging their personal mobile devices in rooms. Guest can conveniently connect their Apple legacy(iPhone 4s and older), Apple lightning(iPhone5 and new iPad) and Micro USB(Andriod and Blackberry)

Basic feature:

  • Cordless(DECT) and corded models
  • Charging solution for Apple i Devices
  • Analog and SIP models
  • Single-and two-line configurations
  • Speakerphone
  • Up to 10 programmable guest serice keys
  • Compatible with all major hotel PBX
  • Black and Ivory color available
  • Acrylic panel,tidy and easy to clean
  • Express programmer, Busy tone disconnected
  • Automatically, Privacy Guard
  • DECT Features:(for cordless model only)
  • Cordless handset with speaker function
  • Two lins model available
  • Cordless handset with speed dial key
  • Auto registration of hanset to phone base
  • Auto Synchro function of the handset to speed dial of the base
  • Battery low power indicator
  • Operation distance up to 200 meters

Approvals: ISO9001 Quality Control
ROHS, ETL, CCC, CE FCC Part 15 & Part 68

 UNO Corded Phone
 UNO Cordedless Phone
  1) Full Duplex Speakerphone - Base & Handset   2) Single and two-line configurations   3) 1.9 GHz frequency would not interfere with WiFi   4) Cordless handset with spearker function   5) Cordless handset with speed dial key function   6) Auto registration of handset to phone base   7) Battery low power indicator   8) Operation distance up to 200 meters   9) Up to 11 programmable guest service keys   10) Simplified faceplate design, printing & installation   11) Enhanced design aesthetic complements guest room interior design   12) Unique Charging Base solution for Apple iDevices charging and smartphones charging.
 UNO SIP Phone
  (1) Comply with SIP protocols (2) Two Hi-Speed Port Ethernet Ports (3) Bittel Unique Power Adaptor or Network Power POE(802.3af) (4) Withdrawing Faceplate (5) Acrylic panel, high-grade, clean and tidy (6) Up to 10 programmable guest service keys (7) Two line auto-select and three-way conference (8) Large printable faceplate area for branding and dialing instructions (9) Feature-restricted models for affordability and space considerations(10) Message waiting indicator compatible with all major hospitality PBXs(11) EZ Message Light, Message Waiting Light with retrieval function (12) Express Programmer, Support R.P. Master Cloner and Hand-held Programming Cloner (13) Handset with HAC (14) Call waiting (15) SPKR and Handset volume three-step adjustable (16) Ringer Volume HI/LOW adjustable (17) Flash button with Flash time programmable (18) Hold, Mute, Redial (19) Flexible Data Port (20) Phone-only model is wall-mountable (21) The SIP models are compatible with Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel, Cisco, Mitel, AVAYA, NEC, Siemens and other mainstream IP PBX


During the past 8 years or so, I have been selling minibars. And I have created a certain level of passion for them. Who would have thought that one could have a passion for minibars. It is not so much the technical part what excites me. It is the operational headaches automatic minibars can solve for hotels. Yes, there you have it, I should ...


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