MediaJack 3A

MediaJack 3A is the latest version of Mediajack 3A series. MediaJack 3A features full
acrylic cover, auto-sensing-and-switching of the last input source, single HDMI cable
connection with TV, plug and play function and compatible with all major hotel IPTV
systems. Brushed metallic finish and aluminum finish are also available for Mediajack
3A. Powerful in function and aesthetic beauty in design, MediaJack 3A is the right
choice for you.

Features & Functions

1. Last Input Signal Priority--- Automatically switch to the last input signal and remember
the input signal sequence
2. Single HDMI Connection---Multiple inputs with only Single HDMI output to HDTV. (1080P
within 15m, 720P within 25m)
Support HDMI 3D Function
3. Plug&Play--- TV will automatically switch to HDMI channel after plugging in the video
4.USB Charging Port(standard)--- Charging portable devices through USB, compatible with
Apple iDevices.(USB Data Transmission optional)
5. Auto-Standby--- MediaJack will automatically switch to standby mode if there is no input
signal in set time, energy saving
6. Auto-Power on--- MediaJack will be powered on and play the signal after detecting the
input signal; Press "Bluetooth" will also awake MediaJack.
7. Signal Switch Buttons--- Easy to choose the desired signal
8. Audio Play--- Play multiple audio sources on TV through 3.5mm audio connection
9. Bluetooth--- Wireless Music Streaming to Hotel TV (optional)
Note: The above description is just for reference. MediaJack-3A(3) can

Technical Specifications:

Supporting Format:
HDMI Output Format: 1080P/(60Hz)/720P(60Hz)
PC Input Format: 800*600、1024*768、1152*864、1280*600、1280*720、1280*768、1280*960
Refresh Rate: 60Hz/75Hz。Color Quality: 16bit, 32bit
HDMI Input Format:
No. Signal Format
1 480i/480P
2 576i/576P
3 720P(50Hz/60Hz)
4 1080i/P(50Hz/60Hz)

Working Conditions:

Power Input AC100V-240V/50Hz Output DC12V1.5A
Watt 6W
Audio/Video Input HDMI(1.3),AUDIO/PC,AUDIO/VIDEO,S-VIDEO, Bluetooth
Video Ouput HDMI(1.3)1080P/60Hz
Communication Protocol Serial Control/CEC
AC Power Same as local power
Working Temperature:+5℃~+35℃;
Working Humility:25%~90%
Storage Temperaure:-15℃~+45℃;
Storage Humility:≤80%
Atmospheric Pressure:86~106Kpa
Note: In order to avoid causing damages, media panel should be put in working temperature for over 3 hours before installation and use if storagetemperature is lower than 5℃.


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